Rebel Money Coaching's retreats are designed specifically for those who feel like traditional financial advice doesn’t work for them.

Old school money rules tell us that money is all about savings and investing, budgets and spreadsheets. Today’s financial planners are the “put your money exactly where, when, and how I tell you to,” crew. They are the paper side of money, the flat side. And, they certainly don’t care what you know (or don’t know) about money. After all, their business relies on THEM being the experts of YOUR money. 

Rebel Money Coaching wants to put back what has long been missing in money management. YOU – ALL of you. Every mental, emotional, and physical part of you.
Our retreats are about transformation. They are about the messy, chaotic, crazy, beautiful side of money. Our trade is about helping you become a better version of yourself. We help you to understand money in your own way, allowing you to confidently become your own money expert. Financial success doesn’t start with numbers. It starts with you.  

Read What Others Have To Say...

Aeranee helped me understand me

I started consulting with Aeranee earlier this year. I’ve counseled with many financial advisors but never felt the need to change. I’ve been bailed out of rough financial situations and have been debt free, but I never really saw a need to stay debt free. I always knew it was a good idea but never felt it was for me...

I loved how my coach helped me
uncover ideas

When I took my Money Coaching sessions, I loved how my coach helped me uncover ideas and assumptions buried in my head that had a direct impact on how I felt about money. I was shocked to find many of my assumptions were not even true!...