During our 3-day Rebels and Warriors Money Retreat™ we'll forget all about the numbers as we focus on the messy, chaotic, crazy, beautiful life side of money. Discover how your emotions influence the decisions you make about money and how they're holding you back from the financial success you've been longing for.


Here's How It Works


#1: You Gotta Have an Army!

Meet with like-minded rebel sisters, who are all fighting for the same thing – financial transformation. With over 20 hours of coaching interaction and instruction, your fellow retreat members will encourage, challenge, and inspire you as you grow together in an open and judgement-free setting. 

Connection, compassion, and unity are the emphasis in our small-group retreats of only 8-10 women.

Kick money’s ass with some kick-ass sisters!

#2: Strategy is Key.

You already have in you everything that it takes to be financially successful. Together, we’ll find it! 

Throughout our unique process you will become empowered to face your money in a happy, healthy way. Feel hopeful and energized about money as you learn how to relate to it in a style that is authentic and unique to you. Gain clarity on what money strategies work best for your lifestyle, and feel calm and self-assured as you begin to let go of the financial mistakes of the past.

#3: Warrior it up!

Walk away from the retreat with a feeling of achievement and confidence in yourself. No longer overwhelmed, scared or ashamed of your money, you are transformed into a warrior. A money warrior! Armed with the interior tools that you need to be successful in all aspects of your finances, you are in control of your money. Now you know as money fears and anxieties arise you are completely capable of understanding and defeating them, ever growing into a stronger, healthier, and happier version of… you.  


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