Release Your Rebel Intro Session

During this powerful initial session, we will work together to develop a crystal clear understanding of the kind of life you'd like to have and how money coaching can help you achieve your dreams. We'll uncover your individual money-type, and you'll discover how it influences your unconscious spending and saving patterns. We’ll also take the time to focus on some hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with money. We are confident that you will leave this introductory session feeling renewed and inspired about overcoming the money troubles that have been holding you back from the life that you dream of.

price $175

Online scheduling

coaching option 1

Money Rogue

Research shows that when you account to others for your goals you are more likely to achieve them. The Money Rogue program is a cost-effective coaching circle of 6 - 10 members, led by an experienced Certified Money Coach*. 

The Money Rogue coaching program will: 

  • include all of the coaching content of the Money Rebel program in a cost-effective closed-group cohort format
  • motivate you towards financial success, as you learn from and work with others in your group
  • inspire you as you see each person in your group move towards meeting their goals
  • conclude with a dynamic one-on-one individual and coach session to ensure ongoing success 

This is a cost-friendly option for individuals, businesses, churches or community groups.

Don't have a group of your own?
We'd love to have you join ours. 

6 group sessions.
1 individual session.  

price $550/person

coaching option 2

Money Rebel

Forget other peoples' rules and learn the true basics of being financially successful.

The Money Rebel coaching program will help you:

  • understand why your money troubles are actually not your fault
  • learn how you are physiologically hard-wired to repeatedly fail at your finances
  • discover why you keep making the same money mistakes over and over
  • change your mindset to overcome problematic financial  behaviors permanently
  • explore why your value is not tied to your money
  • recognize how you already have everything you need to make your dreams come true 

6 sessions.

Price $850

coaching option 3

Money Magician*

This package covers it all. As rebels, we believe in the hard work it takes to win the war.

In the Money Magician program you will:

  • get everything that is included in the Money Rebel program
  • have additional time and coaching support to implement the things you learn into your daily life
  • continue to learn how your brain and body influence your money behaviors
  • begin to observe your unconscious beliefs and patterns in action and see the influences they have in your life
  • have the opportunity to practice the principles you've learned with a Certified Money Coach* by your side
  • be inspired to create new money rules that are personal to you and that will help you achieve your financial dreams

12 sessions.

Price $1620

Additional Options

The Rebel Yell

Weekly appointments not enough? The Rebel Yell provides you with immediate access to a coach via text message. Money coaching anytime and anywhere for those unexpected sticky situations or when you just need a little extra support.

Price $30/month with any coaching program

Spread the Good Word

Yo, this stuff is good and we want to share it with others. Do you have a group that you would like us to share the ins-and-outs of interior money management with? We'd love to come speak at your event in the local or surrounding Portland, Oregon area. Give us a call for more information.

Price $125